Thursday, 4 August 2016

UK Intellectual Property Office makes statement on UPC: no immediate changes

The intellectual property office of the UK has made a brief statement on the unitary patent after the Brexit. According to IPO:
The UK remains a Contracting Member State of the Unified Patent Court at present. We will continue to attend and participate in UPC meetings in that capacity. There will be no immediate changes.
This is the full statement regarding the unitary patent. I can imagine what those UPC meetings will be about, as the unitary patent's future is really murky right now. Different options are on the table, but all of them have downsides. Could the UK live with a UPC agreement that is full of references to EU law? Could the EU live with a UPC member that is not an EU member? There are many more questions than answers.

The statement also mentions other IE rights. If the IE right is not based on EU law, there is no problem (EPC, Madrid system), but what should happen to EU trademarks, and EU designs?

Photo by Couleur via Pixabay under a CC0 license (no changes made).