Friday, 15 July 2016

Ratification news: Bulgaria fully ratified, Netherlands moves forward

An EU flag waving in front of a Bulgarian courthouse

With all the commotion surrounding the brexit we neglected news of the countries that made progress towards ratification. First of all, Bulgaria has deposited its instrument of ratification and is the tenth state to do so.

In the Netherlands the parliament has accepted the Agreement on a unified patent court. The Netherlands can now proceed to deposit their instrument of ratification. They have not done so yet.

When the Netherlands completes this final part of their ratification they will be the 11th country. At that point an important milestone will be reached. Only the required countries Germany and the United Kingdom are then sufficient to reach 13 countries and make the unitary patent a reality. 

Nevertheless, all eyes are on the United Kingdom. Will they continue to ratify the Agreement even though they voted to leave the EU? I have not yet heard of any positive indication, that the United Kingdom is continuing  their ratification process. Feel free to mail me any news about it.

Photo by Wengen via Pixabay under a CC0 license (no changes made) 

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