Friday, 13 May 2016

Italy start ratification process of Unitary Patent

There are positive developments in Italy.  According to this website of the Italian Government a proposal for ratification of the Agreement of a Unified Patent court has been approved (scroll down to 'UN TRIBUNALE UNIFICATO PER I BREVETTI'). The law has not yet been finalized, and could still be rejected, but this is another step on the way of Italian ratification. I would expect that the ratification will proceed according to plan. Last year, Italy made a turn around and embraced the unitary patent, while at first they were outside the enhanced cooperation.

Below is our translation of the news:
Unified patent court
 Ratification and execution of the agreement on the Unified patent court (law’s proposal)

The Council of Ministers has approved a law proposal of ratification and execution of the agreement on the Unified patent court stipulated in Bruxelles on 19/02/2013

A fast ratification of the agreement will allow to complete the participation of Italy in the European Unified Patent system.

This will allow Italian innovators to use a patent right valid in all Europe. Moreover, protection against counterfeit products entering EU will be strengthened.

When the agreement on the Unified Patent Court will be enforced, it will be possible to have in Italy a local division of the Unified Patent Court: a project that could potentially enhance Italian resources and provides a signal on the willingness of Italian Government to protect and promote Italian language in Europe.
Photo by Ewan Topping via Flickr under CC-By 2.0