Monday, 25 August 2014

EPO (nearly) adopts rules for unitary patent

EPO has announced in a Communiqué that the Select Committee of EPO has adopted 'in principle' the Draft Rules relating to Unitary Patent Protection. The communiqué does not link to a copy of the draft. However, a copy is hosted by Bristows

A full decision on the rules for the unitary patent could not yet be taken as no agreement was found on a number of topics. The communiqué only reveals that these topics concern 'some technical aspects' and a 'one rule relating to financial aspects'.

The  rule relating to financial aspects may refer to Rule 25. Rule 25 details who is going to pay for the unitary patent work of the EPO if the renewal fees don't cover it. Also the renewal fees will be further discussed in October.


  1. The article was written 3 days ago and sounds like news. But the link to the Communique shows a piece of info dating since June. What am I missing here? thanks
    btw I like this website, I appreciate the articles which seem pretty accurate, up to this one :)

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    The meeting was a bit longer ago, but for some reason I missed it. I regularly check the usual suspects for news, but for some reason I hadn't seen the communique. I've found a copy of the new rules just recently, and this made me decide to write a blog on this after all.

    Best regards,

  3. I guess the news is that the rules were adopted, but not yet public. Now they are available.
    There is another blog post here: (although from July 31).
    Thanks for your reply!