Friday, 21 February 2014

France takes the next step in ratification of unitary patent

According to World IP Review the National Assembly has ratified the agreement on a unified patent court. President Hollande must now sign the agreement.

After signing, the ratification must then be registered with the Council of the European Union. At present only Austria has taken this final step. As reported earlier also Malta appears to have ratified the UPC. At present neither France nor Malta is listed as ratified on the EU ratification page.

On the website of the Assemblée nationale, I find the following text: Est autorisée la ratification de l’accord relatif à une juridiction unifiée du brevet (ensemble deux annexes), signé à Bruxelles, le 19 février 2013, et dont le texte est annexé à la présente loi.

 Which I translate into:

The ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court (with two annexes), signed in Brussels on 19 February 2013, the text of which is annexed to this Act, is authorized

 Any correction to my French is welcome...

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